Key Facts

  • Auckland’s median house price is NZ$1.1 million, making it the most expensive city in New Zealand.
  • The median price in Auckland could get you a four-bedroom house in Wanganui or Invercargill, or a three-bedroom house in Hamilton or Tauranga.
  • In Dunedin, a median-priced house would typically have five bedrooms.
  • In Queenstown Lakes, the median price could only get you a one-bedroom unit.
  • The median price in other regions ranges from NZ$500,000 to NZ$800,000.

Article Summary

Auckland’s median house price, currently sitting at NZ$1.1 million, is significantly higher compared to other regions in New Zealand. This makes Auckland the most expensive city in the country for home buyers. However, for the same price, buyers can acquire a larger property in other parts of the country.

In regions such as Wanganui and Invercargill, Auckland’s median price could buy a four-bedroom house. In Hamilton or Tauranga, it could purchase a three-bedroom house. Dunedin stands out, where the median-priced house typically has five bedrooms.

In contrast, Queenstown Lakes, known for its luxury property market, is the least affordable for buyers. Auckland’s median price would only afford a one-bedroom unit in this region.

Overall, the median house price in other regions of New Zealand ranges between NZ$500,000 to NZ$800,000, highlighting the significant difference in property prices across the country.

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