Key Facts

  • January can be a quiet month for house-hunting due to vacation and business closures but opportunities for finding a home still exist.
  • Limited stock on the market in January can lead to increased interest in available houses.
  • More stock is expected to hit the market in the months following January, with March being traditionally the busiest month for new listings.
  • Time frames and office opening dates are important when making an offer during the summer, since many offices are closed during this period.
  • Vendors who haven’t had an open house or received an offer in a month become highly motivated to look at offers.

Article Summary

Even though January is traditionally a slow month in the housing market due to holidays, homebuyers may still find opportunities. Some even stumble upon bargain deals as there is limited market stock during this period, leading to heightened interest in available properties. Lowe and Co managing director Craig Lowe advises patience among homebuyers as the market usually sees an influx of new listings by March.

Buyers opting to make their moves during January need to be aware of the time frames and the operational days of relevant parties like real estate offices, solicitors, and the like. Professionals estate agent Shane Brockelbank points out that making an offer during the holiday season may involve longer waiting times as many offices are closed until early or mid-January.

Despite the quietness in January, Brockelbank suggests that it could be an excellent time to make an offer as some listings remain dormant. Vendors who have been inactive during the holiday season might become increasingly motivated to look at offers. They are aware of incoming new listings and will possibly be eager to see offers coming in over the holiday period.

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