Key Facts

  • Kāinga Ora, the New Zealand government’s housing agency, plans to build over 600 homes in Rotorua by the end of 2023.
  • Almost 500 homes are currently under planning or construction, with 115 completed since June 2022.
  • Most developments are small, ranging from three to six homes; however, at least two apartment units are planned for Rotorua’s central business district.
  • As of November 2021, there were 258 households living in 21 emergency housing motels in Rotorua, and 933 applicants on the public housing register.
  • Kāinga Ora has released details about its building program, including current constructions, planned future developments, and respective contractors, through an interactive map.
  • By the end of 2025, 36 apartments are planned to be completed at 40 Victoria St. These apartments will be sold to Kāinga Ora upon completion by developer Realm Victoria Ltd
  • Offsite manufactured apartments are also planned for the Malfroy Rd and Ranolf St site, aimed to be delivered by mid-2023.
  • Local developer Tony Bradley plans to complete two Kāinga Ora developments, delivering 35 homes, within 2023.

Article Summary

About 600 homes are projected to be built in Rotorua, New Zealand, by housing agency Kāinga Ora by the end of next year. The plan covers both the currently planning or under construction homes that approximates to 500 plus the 115 homes that have been completed since June 2022. This expansion plans consist mostly of smaller projects housing three to six units each, with several larger development complexes in the pipeline including apartment buildings in Rotorua’s downtown area.

In response to increasing demand for public housing, Kāinga Ora has disclosed details of its building initiatives on an interactive map. The information includes the status of ongoing constructions, future developments, and contracted companies for the projects. One conspicuous development is the construction of 36 apartments at 40 Victoria St, built by Auckland-based company Realm Victoria Ltd and set to be procured by Kāinga Ora once completed. The work at this site is anticipated to commence early this year, with project completion targeted for the end of 2025.

An additional area of development is the Malfroy Rd and Ranolf St site, where 12 offsite manufactured apartments are expected to be delivered by mid-2023. The site preparation, including civil works and foundation building, has been completed and Kāinga Ora is finalizing a contract with the preferred build partner. Furthermore, local developer Tony Bradley is expected to finish two development projects on Fairy Springs Rd and Lake Rd with 15 and 20 homes respectively within the span of 2023.

The current housing projects are part of Kāinga Ora’s broader effort to meet the mounting demand for homes in Rotorua, where housing needs are critical. Public housing continues to be a concern as there were 258 households living in emergency lodgings and 933 applicants waiting on the public housing register as of November 2021. As a result, Kāinga Ora is exploring potential avenues to expedite the delivery of public housing in the area.

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